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Lightspeed WebshopLogin plugin

WebshopLogin developed the Lightspeed app for single sign on for webshops. Install the WebshopLogin extension to enable your customers a quick and simple registration of automatic login process.

WebshopLogin is a Dutch software company that develops services that improve the customer journey. The core product is the Lightspeed single sign-on, which enables customers to login with one account on mutiple webshops. 

WebshopLogin is a customer identity and access management solution that enables users to login to webshops with their WebshopLogin single sign-on account. WebshopLogin offers in depth insight in the effects of customers not having to sign-up, sign-in or fill in all form fields in a check-out process. Resulting in less abandoned shopping carts.

Make online shopping easy and let your webshop customers log into your shop with the help of their single sign-on account. WebshopLogin makes customer registration simple by enabling customers to use their existing (Facebook login, Amazon login, Google login, or PayPal login) account. WebshopLogin makes sure each user registration is complete, including address information. So you receive a new customer account by a single click of a button.


Account & Pricing

In order to fully install the WebshopLogin single sign-on plug-in, you need to create an account on our website which gives you the required API keys which are needed to enable encrypted and secure login and registration. Create your account via Try WebshopLogin for free the first month and only pay a No Cure No Pay commission of 2,5% over the monthly order value of ShopLogin customers in your shop.

For example:

  • Monthly order value in your webshop: € 20.000,-
  • Additional* monthly order value of ShopLogin users in your webshop: € 500,- (*Due to increased check-out conversion – make online shopping easy)
  • WebshopLogin 2,5% NcNp fee for this month: € 12,50


Key Features:

  • Simple registration for first time visitors.
  • Simple (automatic) login for returning customers.
  • Customer can use their ShopLogin account at multiple webshops.
  • Online customers can login/register with the help of their social account.
  • Online customers can manager their user accounts, address information, profile and GDPR setting via one single (ShopLogin) account.
  • Online customers can easily use their ShopLogin account on multiple devices
  • Customer satisfaction will grow since the checkout process is more user friendly.
  • More customers will complete the order process, due to the simplefication / elimination of filling in all address information.
  • Customer data is always up to date due too synchronisation over all webshops
  • More customers will create a user account on your webshop, since it is only requires one click.
  • More customers will shop while they are singed in. This improves the possibility of personalization.


Using Webshoplogin results in:

  • improved conversion
  • higher retention
  • more user account registrations
  • more opportunities for personalization and abandoned shopping cart email campaigns.

WebshopLogin is:

  • GDPR ready
  • WebshopLogin – Makes online shopping easy.
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