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How to install WebshopLogin WooCommerce plugin

WebshopLogin WordPress WooCommerce plugin can be used by webshop customers to login with their single sign-on account.

This video explains the installation process in WooCommerce.

The installation of the WP Woocommerce plugin requires a simple few steps.

  • Sign in to your wordpress admin
  • Make sures WooCommerce is activated
  • Go to the install new plugin page – Search for ‘webshoplogin’
  • Install webshop login – Activate the WebshopLogin plug-in
  • Open the WebshopLogin tab within the plugin – Create a WebshopLogin account or login
  • Create a WooCommerce WebshopLogin application
  • Copy both application keys in the settings tab
  • Enable the WebshopLogin application in the WebshopLogin tab
  • Activate WebshopLogin in the setings tab
  • Log out and go to the account area to test WebshopLogin

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